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I want to sell my items at Boxstock, how does this work?

When will the money from my sold items be paid out?

How do I remove my items from Boxstock?

What is the difference between Resell en Consign?

How can I get my items back after sending them to consign?

Is it possible to put my listing temporarily offline (due vacation for example)?

Why didn’t my item pass authentication and do I have to pay a fine?

Why does Boxstock need my IBAN/ PayPal?

How do I ship my products to Boxstock?


Are all products new and authentic?

Can I follow my order through the process?

Why do I have to pay a handling fee?

How does the Boxstock process work?

What is the delivery time at Boxstock?

Is it possible to change the delivery address after my purchase?

What is your return policy?

What are the exceptions within the return policy?

Are the return costs reimbursed?

Which shipping company does Boxstock use?

How do the items get shipped?

Why is the price per size different?

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